Thanks to Catalyst for adding me on Twitter.I stumbled upon some interesting points on there site. I'll be thinking these five points over on the weekend. Hope you will too. And feel free to leave your comments.

Lessons for Kingdom Entrepreneurs 1. If you'll do now what most people won't. You'll be able to do, for the rest of your life, what most people can't.

2. If you go looking for money, you'll get advice. If you go looking for advice, you'll get money.

3. Once you build your financial model, double your expenses and double the time it will take to get your revenue, and that will be about right. It will always take longer and cost more than you expect.

4. The only difference between failure and success in the startup arena is the ability to survive the lows.

5. There's only one way to fail, and that's quitting.

From catalystspace

Cheers Matthew A Hawkins