I'm proud to be Canadian.Sure our election process doesn't take two years, but we do have an election every 6 months. Sure we haven't made history like our friends down south recently have. However, we are known globally as polite and generous people. Canadians own hockey. We are seen as a mosaic country and I take great pride in that.

BUT, we don't get something and I want it. The ability to view TV and Movies online is at a place it has never been. I, being a Canadian living in Canada, cannot enjoy these pleasures.

When I go to check out what TV Shows are available to purchase from iTunes in the Canadian store, I'm left with such picks as: Being Erica, The NHL All-Star Game (which was on LAST weekend), Dog Bites Man and The Week The Women Went. All quality Entertainment I'm sure. (Please note I am laying the sarcasm on rather thick.)

I love Hulu. It's free and they have a lot of selection. You can watch Hell's Kitchen, The Office, Lost, The Fringe (which I am excited to start watching but haven't yet), and other favorite shows that are actually quality entertainment.

BUT, being a Canadian living in Canada. I get the shaft...

Thank you copyright laws that neglect Canadians from taking part in wonderful entertainment that is only available to America OnLine (no I am not talking about AOL).

It took iTunes years before they started offering movies in Canada. We now have a great selection.

I've also found out that Canadians are also neglected some of the same fun and useful applications available for the iPhone. To say the least you could say I've got a beef with some people.

In all honesty is it really that hard for Hulu and iTunes TV to be available in Canada?

If someone has an answer for me that goes deeper then "There's copyright laws" I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, I'm hoping Hulu gets moving north soon.

I guess you can't always get what you want.

Matthew A. Hawkins