Probably THE best coffee shop in Chilliwack, Decades Coffee Club. A good friend of mine owns and runs Decades, but that doesn't blind me from seeing some simple truths about his store: Attention to detail, excellent quality and a superb environment.

I love spending time in Decades. If I just run in and out of Decades I feel like I'm cheating on the store for some reason. Bring your work (school, work-work or whatever work), a good book, your laptop or magazine and sit down in a comfortable chair and take the moment in. Not to mention, Decades has free wi-fi for its customers (eat that Starbucks/Bell).

Ron and I have been working on the new website for Decades, which should be launching sometime in early February. It is going to be a great postcard of what Decades is like. Be sure to stay stuned for the launch of that site.

I personally love Decades because it's downtown Chilliwack and is locally owned. Being a business person in Chilliwack I feel it's important to be a part of local businesses like Decades, Cottonwood 4 Cinemas and other fantastic businesses that only Chilliwack has to offer. Decades is the leading coffee shop in Chilliwack and deserves to be praised for their awesome cream pies, their pumpkin cheesecake and amazing staff. Thanks Ron for a great store!

Stop by Decades today: 45846 Wellington Avenue.

PS - A quick screen shot of the new site.