There are a bunch of social network sites out there. Handful after handful. It's become the new trendy way to make yourself known: create a 'product' - a site or community of online persons- and offer free services to create a mass following (YouTube, Twitter to name the larger ones) and then sell off your 'product' to Google - because they buy everything. I recently read a blog post from Currency Marketing that invited people to come check out their new site or network. With most online social networks I am willing to take a gander, but I don't spend much time rubbernecking on it. Most of them are terrible, they are too confusing to set-up profiles, to add friends etc. Anything you do requires plugins... blah, blah, blah. However, with this social network, things look a lot different. Meet Living Young and Free...

Living Young and Free is about Credit Unions, but better yet, it's about young people wanting more out of their money and their lives. Couple notes of interest you should know:

1. They offer a challenge for young people (under 25) to take part in a challenge to be a spokesperson for a year. The winner is given a car for the year, fuel, a MacBook, camera, etc. etc. (nice package) and a salary! Amazing!

2. They are creating a brand that is out of their hands. The spokepersons are able to take it and run with it. Currency is letting Credit Unions become viral. They have some great videos (though they look an awful lot like Google info videos) that have taught me a lot about credit unions, stuff I didn't know about.

3. Currency has established strong connections now in Alberta and Texas. They aren't just creating brand awerness, but a movement. Check out the links below.

The Challenge

Living Young & Free

Be Sure to check out their stuff and see how companies and people's opinion can really make a difference.