Here are what I think are the Top 5 Movies that I think were marketed so well that they bordered on the edge of lying. In no particular order:

White Noise -The trailer for this movie made a great mark in awards for movie trailers. From there it really was just a bunch of useless noise. I guess they loved how misleading it was they decided to make a second one...

King Kong - I know this is supposed to be an epic movie, but I thought it was a complete disappointment. Overdone in every aspect and over hyped completely.

Beautiful Mind - This movie was just meant to drive for the Oscar. Ed Harris was great and so was Ms. Connolly, but from the moment this trailer came out, you knew it was just an Academy plea.

Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls - What a joke! The trailer looked riveting, if only they stuck with the gritty Jones of years before. The trailer and posters looked awesome, but the movie was a waste of my time and many others.

Minority Report - I still enjoyed this movie, but in terms of marketing and hype, it was all over done. Spielberg, Cruise - that's dollar signs for studios right there. It was all over done and didn't meet up to the expectations it was supposed to have.

What are your thoughts? What misleading movie promotions do you know of?

Matthew A. Hawkins