Completely unrelated to production or design, but a funny story none the less. Last night I was putting my oldest son to bed. He likes to stall the sleeping process as long as possible. I find this funny because in 10 years or so, he'll be wanting to stall the waking up process as long as possible.

Kiefer was doing his usual question asking moment - 'Where do beds come from?' 'Where's the light bulb?' He likes to ask questions that make no sense because he knows that he can ask a million of them. He just looks around his room and asks about stuff.

Once I got Kiefer to settle down, we talked about our day and he looked at me seriously. Kiefer "Dad, you got hair on your head?" Me "Yes Kiefer. I have hair on my head." Kiefer touches my arm, "Dad, you have hair on your arms?" Me "Yes Kiefer. I have hair on my arms." Kiefer "Your hair fell off your head and onto your arms?" Me "It kind of works like that Kiefer. Good night."

Kids make life more enjoyable.

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