I've really enjoyed using Twitter over the last few months. Not enough people I know use it. It's sad.

Updates are 140 characters or less and can been sent from/to your cell phone via SMS. It's a great tool that people should be using more... people I know. It's so great that people are using it for spam, marketing/advertising and hacking. They must be thinking it's a viable tool then.

Aside from that, imagine giving people insight into what you're doing/thinking etc. You can have an awesome opportunity to speak into people's lives - from the ordinary day to day chores to those moments where you get what might be a ground breaking idea or thought.

With using Twitter, I've found that there are a lot of third party programs to help make things quicker, easier and more fun. A couple of them that I like the best are:

Tweetdeck - Is a great app that lets you make groups, move boxes and easily access a lot of conversations via Twitter at once.

TwitterFox - I like it because it's small and sits in your Firefox window. Simple to use and fun to have.

So share your tweets, give Twitter a try.

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Matthew A. Hawkins