So my transition over to a MacBook Pro has been far from butterflies and fairies. I should be clearer though. My MacBook Pro has been awesome. I love it. I wish I could keep it, but it's on a slow boat to Ontario tomorrow and all thanks to these guys:

I thought upgrading to CS4 would be incredible, awesome, life changing. Hardly the case. It has been a real pain in the arse and I've hated working with the new CS4 from the first day I got it. Let me tell a few reasons why:

Premiere Pro - Unable to export straight to DVD within Premiere Pro. - Unable to easily export a single frame. - Importing files from my PC external hard drives. - AVI files won't transfer easily. - I even converted the files to MOV files and they still did not work properly. - Capturing is a pain. From what I've read people are having a horrible time capturing in a lot of different formats, especially AVCHD.

So my biggest hang up is in Premiere Pro. I do really like the layout of Photoshop in Mac, it makes it really easy to get around and I love the new setup with After Effects. The ability to choose so many different render/export options is awesome.

In short, I hate giving up this MacBook Pro. It's awesome. I really do love it, but I can't waste another day trying to get problems sorted out that shouldn't exist. My first Monday back at work is shot and I don't know if I'm more angry then I am disappointed.