Here's a few of my top clips/wrap-ups/delights I've seen for 2008, in no particular order, enjoy: 1. I found out about Barton Damer and love following his work. Here's his reel:

BARTON DAMER MOTION GRAPHICS REEL 08 from Barton Damer on Vimeo.

2. This clip has stuck with me all year. It has incredible truth:

3. I found out about iJustine this year and have enjoyed watching through live webcasts, her stupid and funny videos and crazy tweets.

4. LINK: Forget the Film and Watch the Titles. I love this title clip for the movie Smokin' Aces

5. This is awesome stage design. Something being sought after more and more these days.

6. LINK: I am a fan of Seth Godin and I loved watching this clip HERE

7. I've been following a guy online named Tim Stevens, ever since I read his book. He posted a video that has stuck with me.

Eight. I don't know why but I loved this title sequence too.