I had a chance to go see Seven Pounds recently. I've been highly anticipating this movie since there has been little information other then "a suicidal IRS agent is out to help people" has been released. I love Will Smith, pretty much in any movie he's in. Sure iRobot is on the $5 DVD shelf now, but I think that's just because an accidental over duplication of those movies and they needed to get them moving. I happen to like iRobot. Will Smith has been in 8 straight $100 million grossing movies. 8 straight! When the man is in a movie he makes gold. I think he'll do the same with Seven Pounds even though you don't leave feeling good, great or horrible.

*Spoiler Alert - I'm gonna give my opinions now and info about the movie, you may not want to read.

I was filled with anxiety throughout the movie. Smith played his character so well, you could see and feel his pain throughout the movie and in the beginning they didn't show much as to why he carried such pain.

One scene near the beginning of the film was great. It was a conversation between Smith and Harrelson (who plays a small part as a blind man who seems to be a quality guy - which is key in this movie). Smith unloads on Harrelson going to the brink of almost calling him every name in the book. Harrelson takes the abuse and does it quietly. When Smith hangs up the phone you wonder what the heck is wrong with him. A great scene and an awesome way to get the mystery in the movie rolling. Throughout the movie you slowly see what's unraveling and what's about to happen before. I found it inspiring and heart breaking all at once.

I was disappointed with the build the up of the movie and then the quick resolution. You're left in mystery so much and then everything comes to a close so quickly that it feels like there is still so much more to say.

Smith's characters life is extraordinary, his eyes say so much and you see it all the way to the end when his eyes are reborn.  Overall, I liked the movie. It's not a feel good movie, but it's not a horrible ending either. I loved the camera work, colors and use of the cell phone throughout the movie. I know, a cell phone - big whoop, but I kept noticing major moments all through that simple device, it didn't seem like a big deal until the story unraveled the one moment of pain for Smith's character's life that brought everything into reality. I say go see Seven Pounds, but don't think Oscar talk, just think of the hope and dream of the good in humanity. It really can exist in all of us, even if it's just in a film at times.

Matthew A. Hawkins