I was enjoying the Canucks game tonight. Well I was enjoying it up until the end when the Canucks lost. I was watching the ads for the Canucks sponsored powerplays, because Subway sponsored powerplays will give the Canucks that extra edge... whatever.

I've heard and read several times now that in the loom of the economic crisis (is that a strong enough media term to use???) that companies are rethinking the way they are managing their advertising budgets. Having that 10" decal on the side of a Nascar going 1000 mph just doesn't seem worth the coin anymore these days, who can blame them?!?

Right now is a time companies need to rethink how they are going to market. Traditional forms and traditional means just aren't going to cut it, yes this is probably redundant, but in lieu of the 'economic crisis' this is must do and not just a nice idea.

Beware of the Dog House This is just one example of how things can be done differently. I'd love to be a part of something like this.

What are your thoughts? Maybe you don't need to share your ideas (since those could be worth gold) but share what you think companies should look to do, or who they should look to?

Matthew A. Hawkins