Friends of mine at Stop Five have left me with quite a few moments of laughter.Tonight I began gathering my thoughts in a list of 5's. Top Five Phrases That Great Grate on Me

1) "HMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!" (In conjunction of a persons head rotating as if it is robotically controlled)

2) "Excuses." Any kind of excuses. I hate when I make up excuses, it makes me feel like I'm lying... wait maybe I am.

3) Anything to do with speckled frogs and their skin. I hate frogs skins.

4) "I peed!" Kiefer crying after he has stood on my bed and peed. I hate potty training!

5) "How are you?" I don't like this because I never know how to answer it. Do you want me to answer in a general sense, in the 'now', or how am I to see you or what? I also don't like it because pretty much 98% of people don't really care and the other 2% are the ones who take it too seriously.

Close but not close enough for the list: 6) Anything that comes out of the mouths of those people in airports waiting to give me 'free' stuff with a credit card. How do they live with themselves?!?

I don't know why but I've been on rants all week, it must be something to do with me being sick. Ugh. Sick = sucky!