Recently I picked up a copy of Minority Report. It was midnight madness and copies of DVD's like Caddyshack, Tomb Raider and Superman Returns were blazing off the shelves at a mere $5 each. WOAH! I know! I dug through the bin prior to the onslaught of over zealous, jogging pant wearing bargain hunters who were about to storm me with their evil ways... and smells??? Anyways... I seemed to have ranted enough for this week as is.

I picked up a copy of Collateral, Minority Report and Top Gun and laughed at the unintentional theme through all of them, you follow?

When I looked through Minority Report and begun remembering the use of precogs, fate and other hyper spiritual and philosophical tones through the movie, I remembered a clip I had seen online. Enjoy.

Go HERE to WATCH THE CLIP - Click on Play Movie. Steven Spielberg is my hero!

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