Conversations that Should Happen in Client-Creative Interactions

"Thanks for the hard work so far Matt, but I think we've strayed from our original plans." Now this works if you and the client have already set up the previous plans, some clients may do this continuously as if the original plans can keep evolving. That's one thing that has caused major issues with a couple different projects.

"I like what we have here but the hue of purple and green just doesn't do it for me." This would be awesome if a client would just flat out say what they want. Sure I have my reasons for designing things a certain way or cutting clips together in another way, but if the client doesn't like it they need to tell me and help me see what they want more clearer.

"If I could change just one thing it would be my ability of indecision." Ok I doubt this will ever happen, but I have met a few people, not clients, who struggle with making up their mind with what they want to do. Either pee or get off the pot.

What Some Creatives WISH They Could Say To Clients (Not Necessarily Myself) "Who did you ask to design this for you? ME! So don't you think I know what works and what doesn't"

"NO! I do not want to do the work for you just to add it to my portfolio."

"You wouldn't know good design if it hit you in [fill in the blank]"

"You know what, you really [fill in the blank x2 or more]"

"Sure, why don't you go ahead and get your neighbors teenager to design you that logo on a ripped off copy of Photoshop! You just go ahead and do that!"