I've got several projects I'm currently working on. All of which feel like they are so far apart from each other that I'm not sure which way I'm going and why I'm going there. Feeling a little spread out in terms of areas of work, but not creativity. I usually like to focus in on just web development or just graphic design or film in one project. Some of these projects have all those elements that I'm overseeing. 1) Working on a video introduction for a Christmas church service at PCC. It's got some cool elements in that I've never tried before AND we're really highlighting the video to music made by Dean. I'm working with just a click track to start and it's been interesting working like this thus far. Different and a little tricky, but enjoyable none the less.

2) School District. I'm working on a website for mentor's and manatee's (mentoree's? - thank you Tracy Jordan) and it's been fun building it and adding the necessary components of graphics and video.

3) Langley Jazz Fest. I've had a chance to sit down and go through the footage and sketch out my ideas for this one. I'll be working on it more this week and hopefully have a rough draft for a promo of it next week.

How's your week looking? Leave me a response.