I am gearing up for the week and hoping to finish up a bunch of things. How about you? How's your week looking? My desk today, November 24th 2008:

1) Finishing up Dr. Bondar's Episode Four and a DVD to go with all four episodes (VIEW MORE HERE)

2) Working on Wordpress Site for School District of Chilliwack. It's a sub-site for mentors and "mentoree's", I'll be sending them a draft this week.

3) Trying out a few new things online. I really want to update the look of my blog and add a few things to it and my main site www.matthewahawkins.com. Of those things, I have been looking to start making my online presence to bring in some cash, one way I'm going to try is through Squidoo, you can view one of my lenses here - Top 10 Most Overrated Movies of All Time. It's a cool site, you really need to check it out to understand how it all works.

4) Working more on the Langley Jazz Fest promo.

5) Gearing up with PCC to plan every Sunday up to July. That'll be a day meeting.

6) Seriously looking at Mac Book Pro, I just need to sell my current laptop... any takers?

7) I have a list of people I need to contact, so if you get a phone call from me this week, you just may be on that list... so feel privileged? (Try reading that line like Ron Burgundy)

8) I have Hawkins family pictures I need to finish up so I can get them out before Christmas.

Hope you're well and see you again soon!

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