You can view how my morning look HERE My afternoon was busy.

I met with the Happy Homes guys and spent a whirlwind hour and a half with them talking about marketing, websites, video, ads and more. These are great guys - Mike, Scott, Tim, Kelly (who is missing from these photos because he apparently was busy elsewhere) and Cindy (also missing due to severe weather conditions).

Two Thirty came and I finally got to eat some lunch and work through one too many emails. Fun times eating and reading.

The babysitter left near 5 and me and the boys hung out. We played living room hockey. Upon taking this picture I realized Kiefer had his pants on backwards (I was with him for an hour before I noticed this... observant dad!)

I then "made" supper (I just stuck it in the oven) and cleaned up the kitchen. Yes, I clean, but not for cheap!

My wife came home. My iPhone kissed her hello.

We had supper, got the boys ready for bed and her brother showed up to babysit. Off we went to the Chilliwack Bruins game where people rode tiny bikes instead of playing hockey. It was interesting.

I ran to Starbucks right before 10 to get my wife a coffee (to make up for my iPhone kissing her) and now I shut my blog off and relax for an hour before I sleep and it all starts again tomorrow... this time in video format!


Matthew A. Hawkins