Well this morning I mentioned I would be posting pics of my day. It's noon and here's the first half of the day... by the way this idea is from Ragamuffin Soul and I'll be trying out my day in 90 seconds tomorrow. Great blog there too. The other thing, I am amazed at the time this takes and the reminders I need to give myself in order to broadcast my life online. That said here's my morning from 6:30 to Noon. Wake up and think about what the heck am I doing awake at 630am? Make buttermilk pancakes because just me and Keyon are awake. Hopefully the smell will wake up Debbie and then I can go get ready for staff meeting. By the way, these are real Buttermilk from scratch pancakes, nothing but the best! Keyon was very excited for pancakes. He yelled at me for not getting them fast enough, but then said "Mmmm" and nodded his head in approval.

I got in my car late because I posted this mornings post. I was late for staff because of my addiction to blogging. I told Lara to smile. She ran away, she hates blogs. Staff meeting. Shawn was tired. I talked about blogging in this meeting too... a little addicted. I checked an iMac at Future Shop. Then I talked with someone there who knew something about their equipment! Shocking!!! He has an iPhone and we ended up sharing what apps we like best. Here's my iPhone roll

The rest is yet to come... stay tuned!