I enjoy working in the industry I'm in.I enjoy the size and scope of what I can do. It's limitless. Literally. I love that there is insurmountable amounts of potential in what I am a part of. Do you feel like thats the case in the area you work in? If not, why do you stay there? I hope the money is good.

In my area of work people should use select words. They don't always do that and they are usually the ones working from their mom's basement where she brings them grilled cheese for lunch (not that there's anything wrong with that!?!).

With marketing, choosing your words carefully is important. When you work for yourself or with a small company, saying "I" or "myself" shows you just might have your mom serving you grilled cheese. Why not try using big words and SMALL LETTERS? Use words that promote growth and size, like "we" or "the team".

On another note in the same thought... With my history in production I've learned a few things and maybe their worth something to you. One person can only carry so much on their shoulders. If your business lives and dies with you, maybe you need to reconsider things. I say this from experience. If you were to walk out of your business or job right now, would everything fall apart? If the answer is yes, you may need to consider something.

With every job I have worked on in the last 4 years I have tried to apply one thing: Work myself out of a job. I have not always done this well. I have not always tried to do this. I do believe it's worth doing though. By doing it I have found I learn more so I can teach others. I have found I have a team of incredible, capable and talented people around me that can do my work. I have found that the small letters end up turning into BIG WORDS.

So I say try it. Make your mission over the next weeks to be working yourself out of a job. Lose the ego and self-centeredness you may have in your position title. Lose the "self-involved-universe-rotates-around-you" mentality and work yourself out of job. Who knows you just might work yourself into a job you enjoy even more!?!

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts for the day,