Quick update for everyone and anyone.I had fun morning this morning out at Great Blue Heron Reserve, where we met Sharon. Sharon is a faculty member at University of the Fraser Valley. I met up with her for another episode of Dr. Carin Bondar's biology clips that we are getting ready to market to anyone and everyone that can breath!

This week I have also been working on another project for Hungry for Life. It's been amazing to watch the footage that I am in no way connected to, but still I can feel a deep appreciation and emotional touch from the work this team was doing. Hungry for Life is a humanitarian organization that does work all across the globe. This specific project I am helping out with is from the Ukraine. There is one piece of footage in particular that just tugs at the heart strings. I'll see if I can post the clip for you later.

I've also been working on a promo gig for Van Hoepen Construction. With today's economy and the real estate market the way it is, I think more company's in the housing industry need to look at developing a new strategy in their marketing. I got connected to VHC through their manager Gord, who I met at a leadership conference back in the summer. We're working on a project to help get things going, but also to put on DVD who and what VHC is about. I must say, every time I have talked with someone who has had VHC work for them, three words always come out: honest, reliable and caring. All these people are only connected through VHC and don't know each other. It's awesome to see a company that carries through its principles to all of their clients.

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