I mentioned earlier this week about how I am enjoying the Band of Brothers series again (more than worthwhile to buy on DVD). What I didn't know was the amount of young talent and rising stars they have in the mini-series. I can't believe I never noticed them before. Here's a few of them that I've noticed:

Simon Pegg. He played 1st Sgt. William Evans in 2 episodes. You may recognize him from Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz. Both equally hilarious films. or

James McAvoy. He played Pvt. James W. Miller in one episode called Replacements (great episode). You might recognize him from Wanted, Chronicles of Narnia or Last King of Scotland (which was an awesome film!)

Rick Gomez. He's not really a small character, but I thought I'd mention him because he looks like this guy to me

I wonder if Rick gets that a lot. That might get annoying?

Anyways, have a great day! If there's any hidden stars in Band of Brothers I missed please mention them. Cheers


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