Remembrance Day today.

Growing up my dad spent a lot of time reading books, both fiction and non-fiction, that revolved around World War II. He watched movies and TV Shows and would learn about the various parties involved in the war. He would look at how the Russians, Finish, Polish and other European countries were affected. I remember as a kid not understanding why he liked reading about it so much. I never understood why my dad spent so much time looking into this part of history.

That all changed for me when I went into a theater 10 years ago and watched "Saving Private Ryan". I saw the incredible awe of the way war used to be. I began playing video games and watching shows based around World War II. Believe it or not I learned a lot from playing games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. The way war and combat back then was so much different than what we see today. We will never see another day like D-Day, which is a good thing depending on how you look at modern combat.

Lately I have been watching Band of Brothers again. It's an incredible show from HBO that is based around Easy Company. The DVD set is amazing and I am left in awe both for the theatrical work of Spielberg and the historical accounts of men in battle together.

Film can not only be entertaining, but can educate and give an idea of what happened in history. I know these shows reflect the American point of the war, but there's a new film out right now based on the Canadians in World War I, Passchendaele. I've heard good things and I hope to see it soon. I also recommend looking into the history of Canada in World War II and see how much impact they had on D-Day and other parts of the war.

Today I will stand and take a moment of silence to thank those that fought for our country. I will take a moment to remember all that I take for granted far too often: my freedom, my well being, the democracy I am a part of.

I hope you have a great day and that you take time to reflect on what complete strangers did in order for us to live in such an amazing country.