I am huge fan of Seth Godin. The man is brilliant in the world of marketing. I'm currently reading his latest book and loving it. Whether you're into marketing or not I recommend you pick up his latest book called "Tribes" - it's available at Amazon. That said, here are a couple links I found (on Seth's blog while reading Google Reader) very profound and amazing. Short clips from Seth and friends. The first one deals with Social Networking and Business and the second one deals with deceny but more with the aspect of grace in business.

Video One Video Two

Check them out and be sure to let me know what you think. To be honest I've really begun to watch what I post on Facebook and Twitter. I don't want a lot of white noise. I personally want to stand out as a person with a goal, dream, vision and a person with a direct path of where I want to go. Then again Facebook is meant to just be a Social Network... for advertising right?!?