The other day I posted some ideas for good Christmas gifts. Some people have issues with "i". Well you know what I have to say to those people... get over it Kyle! I mean person unmentioned. My counselor says that I should be more calm, so I am counting out loud 1, 2, 3, 4... ok maybe my blog isn't the place to be discussing my personal problems like some people. So here's a few great items you can buy people for Christmas that's under the $20 mark.

Viva La Vida the latest Coldplay installment and an amazing album! Buy it HERE

Headphones i love headphones, i have several sets. One thing i hate about walking with my iPod or iPhone is having my ear bud stock headphones fall out. So check these out (green or pink!)

Wii Light Sword I thought this thing was cool when I bought it for a friend and then he opened it and turned it on and I realized just how REALLY cool it is. No words can describe the shear joy of holding a glowing light saber in your hands - buy it here.

Do you have any other under $20 suggestions for great tech Christmas gifts? Let me hear em.