It's that time of year again... almost. I'm a big media/technology nut so when it comes to Christmas presents I tend to love the big stuff - TV, Surround Sound, Computer Monitor, Software, Video Games, The Complete  of "Fill in The Blank" DVD Set etc. So I thought I'd list a few cool ideas, and I'll post some more later, for what to buy that special guy (or girl) for Christmas.

1. An "i" something if he doesn't already have one. iTouch, iPhone, iPod are all great and all in different price categories. It has revolutionized the way I use computers AND entertainment. Pick up one for yourself and you'll be all the more thankful for it. Now this probably seems out dated, but I recommend updating that 1st or 2nd  generation iPod and get something new that you'll use even more.

2. Drums. Not the real kind. That would mean you could learn something useful and helpful. I mean the video game kind. If you love Rock Band and Rock Band 2 then you'll love this! Click here.

3. Last for today but not least is something that everyone with a DVD collection should have: Available at

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

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