One of the first programs I open up when I start my day on my laptop is Apple's iTunes. It has to be one of the greatest pieces of everyday software I use. Do you use it? I know it may seem redundant to some but I have met far too many people who still use Windows Media Player or have not touched iTunes because they're scared of it. So, this post is for the ignorant and naive. I want to help you.

iTunes is great for more than just listening to music and syncing your iPod. It has a ton of other great media options you need to get rolling with: podcasts (audio & video), download albums or tracks with your iTunes account, download apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch, TV Shows, Movies and more.

Have you ever downloaded a TV show or Movie? It's awesome. You can even RENT movies from iTunes. You get 48 hours to watch the movie once you start, but you don't have to worry if it's in or not, you have NO LATE FEES (and that's an honest-no-secret-messages-attached kind of NO late fees) and you don't have to drop off the rental while running around in your PJ's.

Now the only thing I'm unsure of and don't necessarily totally like is that you don't get a physical product in your hand when you purchase it. You just download your album or movie and it's done. I like my DVD collection. I like looking at it. I like adding DVD's to it. I don't get to do that with iTunes. What I do like is just adding albums to my iPod for my runs or renting a movie for the night. I've even purchased most of the FlashPoint TV series and love it (a great Canadian show by the way).

So get out there and download the latest version of iTunes and start getting your movie or groove on. You know you want to!

Movies to rent on iTunes: Zoolander Son of Rambow Juno Little Miss Sunshine Charlie Wilson's War

Movies you should NEVER rent EVER: Jumper John Tucker Must Die What Happens in Vegas