I get to work with a lot of great people, but not always in an office environment. I don't do well with lengthy amounts of time in an office with fake lighting (the blue glow and humm of those lights suck life out of you). HOWEVER, I do get to work with a wide variety of characters every Tuesday morning at PCC. We have a lot of fun together and today I wanted to introduce these people to you:

This is Lara. She is rarely around. RARELY!

This is Dean. He likes his job. It involves a variety of thrilling activities.

This is Shawn & Kim. Kim likes Lunch break. Shawn likes to stretch.

This is Jim. Jim likes whiteboards and chairs and coffee. He is getting coffee right now.

This is Steve. He likes to play pretend cell phone and check the Canucks score online.

Great people, I get the privilege of working with. If you ever see them, stop and buy them a coffee. They deserve it!