Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I love that in Canada we have Thanksgiving in October. It gives you two whole months between turkeys and makes you more likely to not want to sit around for a month waiting for the next huge feast! I've had a crazy week with traveling and shooting. I love getting behind the camera, it makes me feel like all the junk in your life just disappears and you're completely at peace with things.

Anyways, this week and next I'll be working on the following: 1) Working on a promotional piece for the Langley Jazz Fest. Have some great design elements and ideas I'll be implementing with this and look forward to sharing it with you.

2) Started a project with Hungry for Life. An amazing non-profit organization that does incredible work. Be sure to check them out.

3) I've been putting together a website and website ideas for Ace Signs and Decades Coffee.

4) I have several personal photos sitting on my desktop that I need to be working on. I look forward to putting my work aside and working on these photos. Here's one for a preview: