I am a huge fan of blogs now. Correction: I am a huge fan of good blogs now. Too many people and their cats have blogs and they update them once every 6 months. When they do update them it's just a stupid video they found on YouTube of a cat spinning around on a fan or a cat losing its head in a sunroof. Blogging is so much more then that and can be beneficial AND funny for everyone. I'd like to share some tips with you, but before I do, listen to Seth Godin (one of the biggest bloggers in the world) he wrote "If you subscribe to a blog, any blog, congratulations. Not only have you figured out how to keep up, for free, with huge amounts of information, you've done it in an elegant and efficient way. While it may be fun to try to remember which blogs you read and then go visit them in some sort of order, RSS and other subscription tools are way smarter."


1) Don't surf around to every one of your favorite blog's every morning you sit down at your desk. You waste time and energy when you could be doing something more productive... like actually reading an updated blog.

2) Use the RSS feeds. Most blogs will allow you to either subscribe to their mailing list so that whenever they update their blog you're made aware of it via email OR you can copy and paste the URL of the blog site into a RSS feed reader (i.e. Google Reader) and go to one place where ALL your blogs can be seen and any updates.

3) Google Reader is simple. Sure it might seem intimidating and scary, but truth is it's not. All you need to do is go to: www.google.com/reader and create a new account. Google has created step by step tutorials on all of their products so be sure to check that out. Next thing you get to do is go out and find some blogs you'll love. I've posted a few below for you to check out.

4) The best way to find blogs is just by surfing and by checking out the other blogs you might interested in your Google Reader. Google Reader gives you Top Recommendations based on your current subscriptions.

5) The other way to find great blogs is trade them like hockey cards like when you were in 5th grade. Talk with other people who might use an RSS feed reader and start asking them what they're reading. Sure it's geek talk, but just think, I read about 10 different companies this morning in 15 minutes and now know 10 different things about them and useful tools in my business. Something worth checking out for sure!

Blogs to Check Out