I'm a big Movie/TV Soundtrack guy. Sometimes I will determine if a movie or TV episode is any good based on their soundtracks. Here's a few soundtracks that I have playing on iTunes right now: You might not think of listening to a TV soundtrack, but House is a great soundtrack and gets me going. Not only that but Hugh Laurie is awesome on the show. I want to be like House, I just need to get a cane first.

A lot of people really hated this movie, too bad for them. I liked it, but I love the soundtrack. Zach Braff was the guy behind the movie and the soundtrack, a great set of bands on this CD.

An incredible soundtrack. I love this movie. Soundtrack also won an Oscar. I also took a while to notice the main poster/cd cover that the two lead actors are walking on a guitar... I'm slow.

So what soundtracks are your favorite?