I've been able to have the chance to work in this business for a number of years. Let me share something with you that I've learned the hard way. I'll share it in the form of conversation: "Hey Matt, we would love to work with you. You have solid design, great customer service and an excellent turn around rate."

"Thanks 'CLIENT'S NAME HERE'! I appreciate that. Well we look forward to working with you as well. You have a great 'INSERT MISC NAME HERE' and I think we can help you 'COMMUNICATE, EDUCATE, PROMOTE' very well to your audience."

The Client is Always Right

"Well Matt you can count us in, we're on board."

I used to get so excited from conversations like that. I'd come home pumped and ready to bust open the bubbly, only to find out 3 days later that the client has decided to go another route. The number of times that this has happened has left me unexcited in those meetings.

It's not that I'm a downer, not at all. It's that I've learned the truth. The deal is only made when there is a contract and deposit made. When that is done and delivered, then I party and bust my butt to get the client what they're looking for.

So next time we talk and you have a great idea of how we can work together, I'll most likely share my ideas and give you some feedback, but don't my lack of end-enthusiasm. It's not that I don't like you, it's that I want to see it through and I want you to see it through with me. It's at that time that you need to sign and make it happen.