So today has been hectic and good... mostly. Sitting on my desk right now are remnants of my sons coming and playing in Dad's office. ALWAYS FUN! Usually it is fun but today they just wanted to get into everything, just one of those days.

1) I have one quote Geoff worked up for a potential client in Abbotsford. More later when we have a signed deal. 2) I am working on a pilot project with Carin Bondar. It's our first Dr.Bondar on Biology (just a working title - much needed work to be done on the title) and it's about salamanders in the Chilliwack River Valley. I want to call the episode "Sally Salamander" but Carin is not into it. 3) I meet with real estate agents this Thursday to pitch the idea of video tours. I've been working on video tours since April of this year and so far it's proved more then valuable. 4) I've been throwing an idea for a new promo video I need out in a month. Should be interesting and I'll be posting some initial developments soon.

Tomorrow I'll be posting some bloopers from a commercial I recently filmed, so come back!