For those that are new WELCOME! For those returning from years past, welcome AGAIN - it's a fresh start with a lot of reworkings that have happened and are still in the works. One thing remains true, I'm passionate to create and express myself, my gifts and abilities. This blog is going to be my daily, sometimes weekly, place for me to keep you up to date with what's happening on my desk. Stay tuned, subscribe or just pop in every now and then.

As of today: I finished a very quick order for a great client: We help Ian with producing his CD & DVD products.

I worked alongside the amazingly talented Kim Mallory and helped her with getting her life re-organized and keep her trucking with wonderful photography. Who ever knew there was so much business behind photos???

Lastly, I've been plugging along with a project I've been working on with a lovely lady who has an incredible passion for her divine moment in life - BIOLOGY!

I've got a number of other projects I'm working on and will be posting some bloopers from a recent commercial this week, so I hope you keep coming back and be sure to let me hear from you.

Peace out yo!

matthew A hawkins