Hi Matt,
Thanks for the reply.
I've put together a selection of just a few of the fishing videos I've produced, on the bottom you will find some other pieces of video work I have done as well. I deal a lot with marketing and advertising, but have a passion and keen eye for the outdoors.
I've been involved with Bent Rods Guiding & Fishing for almost 2 years, producing his videos, podcasts, website and more. Plus I've run Fishing Guys for just over two years now, focusing on quality fishing videos and podcasts.

Though I produce all of Rod's videos for him, I have a close friend that works with me on the Fishing Guys videos, his name is Geoff. With our combined gear and experience shooting outdoors, we have a drone, slow motion camera, multiple DSLRs and GoPros with mounts, I do believe a team up between Geoff, Rod and myself would get you some incredible fishing footage to showcase fishing in BC. 

Geoff and I have worked in video production for almost 10 years, at a time we even shared a business together. We've since parted ways in business but are good friends and work on several projects together from time to time. Rod, I have known for quite some time, having been his neighbour for a while, then getting guided fishing help from him and soon after becoming his media/content creator. The three of us have fished together a fair bit and created some great videos. With Rod being the experienced angler, plus Geoff and I being the filmographers we are, we make a great team. 

I have a passion and understanding of the fishing community. Being able to both fish, film and know whats going on and when something is going to happen really helps in all of my fishing video work. Add in my knowledge and experience with social media, content creation and marketing background. I'm sure to be a consistent and quality creator for the work you're looking to get done.

Look forward to talking with you,



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